About Hanlon Bros Removals and Storage


Hanlon Brothers Removals and Storage was established in 1965 in Saltcoats, Ayrshire by brothers Patrick and Joseph O’Hanlon.

Joseph’s son Paul and his wife Lorraine now run the business and are trusted by more than 300 customers every year to handle their removals, storage and packing.

It’s not just Ayrshire; we help people move home in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire and right across Central Scotland.

Hanlon Bros


Paul puts the company’s success down to repeat business, often different generations of the same families, who all choose Hanlon Brothers for a smooth house move. Paul tries to personally oversee most jobs and is present on around 95% of jobs.

We’re approaching our 50th anniversary and whether you are setting up your first home, a family on the move, or you’re recently retired and looking to downsize, our expert friendly team will be delighted to discuss any removal, storage and packing needs you have.

So you are moving home where do to begin…. Let me guide you through the process.

First of all you need to find a good, well established reliable removal company. Hanlon Bros Removals is celebrating our fiftieth anniversary later this year so why not pick up the telephone and arrange an appointment or visit our website to get in touch with a company that has been around not only during the good times but has withstood the toughest of times.

Booking a removal

You can call or visit our website and make an appointment for a no obligation removal survey to be carried out at your property. This process enables us to identify what your removal requirements are and also to discuss the various services we have to offer. You will then be given a written quotation the following day and you can then decide if you wish to accept our quote. If you do decide to use our company you would have to fill out an acceptance form and then your removal is booked in.

Packing Services

We offer both full and part packing services. Full packing is when everything that needs packed into a box is carefully wrapped and packed up. Part packing is when you perhaps only choose fragile goods to be wrapped and packed. We can also provide wardrobe boxes which means the garments hanging in your wardrobe are decanted into our wardrobe boxes so there is no need to have your garments creased ideal for all those ladies out there one chore less to do! Now is also the perfect time to do that clear out you have been putting off. Why waste time and effort to pack up the stuff you no longer use or want only to have to unpack it and then have it clutter up your new home? Crazy but many people do. Give friends and family your unwanted stuff or give it to local charity shops failing that we offer a house clearance service where we can take away and dispose of your unwanted items.

We only use the highest quality materials for our packing services and if you decide that you wish to do your packing then that is fine as we sell a variety of packing materials also. If you purchase our boxes we buy them back from you when you have unpacked them and ready to have them taken away.

Tips to help with your packing.

  • Ensure you have good strong sturdy boxes that are not too bulky as they have to be manageable to lift.
  • Fill boxes up fully with light goods however if packing books, cd’s do not fill fully as these items can be really heavy.
  • Pack up one room at a time and clearly mark the boxes accordingly this will make things a lot easier not only for the removal crew but also for when you are ready to unpack.
  • Make sure boxes are sealed with good strong parcel tape it is important to seal boxes as you do not want items falling out and it also means we can stack boxes on top of one another which takes up a lot less space in the van.
  • Any important items such as keys, bank cards paperwork, mobile phones and chargers etc. should not be packed away. You should keep valuable items such as these on your person or in a safe place where they will not be accidently loaded onto the van (it will not be the first time we have had to empty vans looking for keys etc.)
  • Pack a small overnight bag or box with essential items such as a change of clothes, medication etc. Sometimes things happen out with your control i.e. keys perhaps not being exchanged on removal day.

Removal Day

Your big day has arrived and understandably many people feel a bit apprehensive, uptight or stressed however we feel it is an exciting time a new chapter a clean slate it is a positive time and we like our clients to feel like that too. Many of the emotions felt by our clients are understandable it is often the fear of the unknown the uncertainty of in fact that perhaps the feeling of having no control over what is about to happen. Rest assured we are more than aware of your feelings and that is why we will guide you through the process of your removal keeping you informed at all times what is happening and if events do occur out with your or our control such as delays with keys, or keys not being exchanged on removal day we will deal with these issues in a professional compassionate manner. We deal with issues like this often and they are often resolved swiftly.

You will have previously been advised at what time the removal crew will be arriving at your pick up address. The removal co-ordinator will walk around the property with you and brief you on the plan.

The team will then get to work quickly and efficiently loading your goods into the van. When packed up and ready to go the co-ordinator will do a walk around the property with you making sure everything that was to be loaded has been and nothing has been left behind.

At the new property the co-ordinator will again do a walk around to identify rooms and where goods are to be placed. When the van is completely unloaded again the co-ordinator will ensure that you are satisfied and if you require any goods to moved or adjusted etc.


We offer both short term and long term containerised storage pallets. Pallets are charged per week and are payable monthly. When your goods are placed into pallet storage these pallets are sealed and are not opened again until you are ready to have them delivered. The pallets are stored inside a secure purpose built warehouse with 24 hour cctv.

House Clearances

Whether you are decluttering, downsizing, clearing the home of someone who has deceased or getting it ready to rent out or if you just require a single item to be removed and disposed of we can help with our house clearance service.