How to Cut Costs When Moving House

How to Cut Costs When Moving House

How to Cut Costs When Moving House

Written by Lorraine Hanlon on

Buying a house will no doubt be one of the largest expenditures of your life, so it’s more important than ever to try to keep costs down. Saving money during the moving house process could mean some new furniture or potentially much needed renovations in your new home.

1. Cut Down Or Eliminate Packing Costs

Buying copious amounts of packing materials can be a quick way for moving costs to rise. The more belongings you have, the more packing materials you have to buy. When moving house, every little helps. At Hanlon Bros, you can buy packing materials from us which we can then buy back from you at the end - keeping your packing costs down and our sustainability strong.

2. Declutter/Sell Old Items

If you took a day or two to declutter your home, there is a strong possibility that you’ll find many items you can either donate or sell to others. The more you can sell, the more money you’ll have available to put towards the moving process. Even £40-£60 could be a well earned meal out once all the moving is complete. If you haven’t managed to sell anything, donating is an option too, less items to move could mean less transport costs.

3. Be Careful When Moving In/Out

Moving couches, beds, wardrobes and more in and out of potentially thin doorways and around awkward corners could result in damage if you’re not careful. Your new home-owners could make you liable for any damage that wasn’t there on their previous viewing.

Similarly, any new damage caused to your new house when you move your items in is your responsibility to fix and therefore more money out of your bank.

4. Move On The Right Day To Avoid Taking Time Off Work

Moving in on a friday, or a bank holiday weekend if possible, is the ideal time. This means you won’t have to take time off work, potentially missing shifts or having to spend lots of time catching up on work after your move. Make sure you have enough days to get everything moved in and your new house cleaned and set up all without having to take time off work.

5. Use Up What’s In The Freezer

You might have accumulated lots of food in the freezer over the past few months and now is the time to use it. Food doesn’t often travel well, and using up what’s in the freezer will save you a trip to the shops and use up food that might get ruined during transport.

Moving house is expensive, but there are certainly ways to cut costs down. At Hanlon Bros, our expert house removals team take extra care when moving items in and out so nothing gets damaged. Our packing service will not also save you time, but money as we can buy back our packing materials from you when you’re in.

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