How to Prepare for a House Clearance

How to Prepare for a House Clearance

How to Prepare for a House Clearance

Written by Lorraine Hanlon on

A little assistance while clearing your house is always appreciated; this is what we at Hanlon Bros Removals and Storage aim to provide. Being one of the best companies for a house clearance Ayrshire has available, you can count on us to provide a great service. Our removals team are always prepared for the tasks that stand before them, making the entire experience as smooth as possible.

Cleaning out your home may be necessary for a multitude of reasons, with moving house being the most likely. No matter your reasoning, there are specific things that you can do that will reduce the risk of damaging your possessions and causing potential injuries to yourself and others.

The Hanlon Bros carrying out a house clearance.

Have A Plan

Firstly, do not rush into the process without some variety of plans in place. This is one of the most crucial errors a person can make during a clearance as without direction, you may end up becoming stuck halfway. Plan every phase of the project extensively and ensure that instructions are followed to the letter if there’s a certain way you want things done.

Break your clearance down by room if this helps and note down any special instructions such as special packing requirements for delicate items.

One great rule of thumb iis to allow half a day for each room. At first glance, this may seem like a lot, but by giving yourself more time you will be able to concentrate and take a step back when needed without worrying about deadlines.

Decide Early What You Want To Keep and Don’t Keep

The traffic light sticker approach is one way to accomplish this. Use coloured stickers or post-it-notes and go around the house labelling your belongings, using specific colours to indicate what you want to keep, get rid of, and what you are unsure of.

Have The Right Equipment

Some undertakings, namely the disposal of large goods such as furniture, can demand the usage of specialist utensils or equipment. Do not put off deciding what kind of equipment you’re going to need when completing the job. This will help you in avoiding last minute blunders. If you need large disposal vehicles, straps, or lifting mechanisms, the earlier you can organise or book these items the better.

You might benefit from knowing the volume of items you’re working with. An easy reference point to use would be the standard builder’s skip (the ones you see most in residential streets). These skips measure 6 to 8 cubic yards, so with this in mind, take the average of 7 cubic yards and use it as your benchmark when going through each room. Take notes on how much of a builder’s skip every area would fill. Afterwards, add everything up and obtain a volume estimate.

At Hanlon Bros, we strive to be the most efficient and stress-free house removal, clearance and storage options around Ayrshire. Regardless of your current situation, we will work alongside you to ensure a smooth process. If there’s anything we can do to help you clear your property, all you have to do is ask.

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