How to Move House Sustainably

How to Move House Sustainably

How to Move House Sustainably

Written by Lorraine Hanlon on

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic every year. You might think that it’s impossible to make moving house a sustainable task with the amount of packing materials and car trips needed to move. However, there are numerous steps you can take to cut down your carbon footprint while moving.

Sustainable Packaging

At Hanlon, we try to be as sustainable as we can when performing a house move and our packaging is just one of the efforts we take to minimise our carbon footprint. If you need packing materials, you can buy them from us but instead of throwing them in the bin afterwards, we buy them back from you, ready to use at our next job. This minimises the churn of materials - saving us having to make new materials for every removal job we take on.

Donate or Sell Old Items

With moving houses taking up so much of people’s time, it can be easy for them to throw out things they don’t want to take with them. Filling up a car boot with old belongings or clothes and taking it to the nearest rubbish dump is appealing as the items are out of your hair for good. However, consider donating or selling items that are still in working order. Just because you are done with an item, doesn’t mean someone else still can’t find a use for it.

Reduce Your Food Waste

Food and drinks don’t travel well, especially over long distances. In advance, use up what food you have left in your home so that you need to take as small an amount with you as possible. Not only will this save you a trip to the shops before moving day, but you’ll reduce the amount of food waste you throw out.

Make your new home eco-friendly

There are plenty of ways to make your new house more eco-friendly than your previous one. Are the walls or roof insulated? Could you install solar panels? These are just a couple of ways that you can keep your energy costs down. Check the insulation before all your belongings are moved in and adding insulation in will be much easier. Are the windows single glazed? Upgrading to double or triple glazing is another way to cut energy costs.

Dispose Of Chemicals And Recyclables Properly

You may have plenty of old recyclable items, paint or other cleaning materials in your house that you no longer have use for. Some companies will collect these from you and dispose of them properly, saving you from putting them straight in the bin. These items may contain harmful chemicals, and if not disposed of properly, can harm the environment.

Keep our above tips in mind when moving house and you can be sure to reduce the environmental impact of moving home. It’s important that you look for a company that cares about the environment. While some companies use single use packaging materials, our high quality wrapping paper is made for use time and time again, meaning it’s less likely to be damaged and saves us or you buying new materials for every new job.

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