How to Prepare for a Removal Company

How to Prepare for a Removal Company

How to Prepare for a Removal Company

Written by Lorraine Hanlon on

When you are moving house, there are a lot of tasks to be remembered and carried out - moving utilities and insurance, contacting and confirming a removal company and packing up your house! But how do you best pack up your house in preparation for the removal company? Below we list a number of steps that will help your home removal run smoothly. 

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Get Your Packing Supplies

The first thing to do when packing up a house for a removal company is to get your supplies! Small, Medium & Large Boxes, Heavy Duty Boxes, Packing Tape, Bubble Wrap, Old Newspapers, Marker pens & Labels are all essential items when it comes to moving house.

Pack Early

Don’t leave it until the night before the removal company arrives to pack up your house! This will inevitably lead to some tired movers and a potentially unorganised move. Best practice is to create a checklist of all that you need to pack and begin to work through this well in advance of the removal company arriving.

Always Start With The Rooms/Items You Least Need

One way to break the packing process into manageable chunks is to begin packing up the rooms/items that you use the least. Got a garden shed that you don’t see yourself using before moving day? Pack it up! Got a study that won’t be used before the removal company arrives? Pack it up! Packing up room by room as opposed to just putting items from different rooms into boxes as they seem to fit will ensure that unpacking at the other end will be less painful!

Label! Label! Label!

Imagine the scene, you’ve arrived at your new home, the removal company has unpacked all of your boxes, you’re parched, but you can’t figure out which box contains your mugs for a cuppa... nightmare! The best way to avoid this experience is to label up all of your boxes. Top tip - label them by room and have a short description of what's inside.

Have Your Boxes Ready On The Day

One final thing that can really help the removal company during your big day is to organise your boxes prior to the team's arrival. Broadly organising your boxes from heaviest to lightest - or at least knowing where the heaviest boxes are - and briefing the removals team on how you have organised your things allows them to begin loading the van quickly upon arrival.

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