5 Advantages of Storage Units

5 Advantages of Storage Units

5 Advantages of Storage Units

Written by Lorraine Hanlon on

When moving into a new home, one thing you may realise when you go to pack is how many belongings you will have accumulated over a number of years. 

At Hanlon Bros, we offer safe and reliable storage for your larger items such as sofas and large cupboards or even numerous smaller items that might be cluttering your home. There are many advantages to using our storage facility in Irvine:

  1. Our storage is available for short or long term rental

  2. It can help you declutter your home

  3. Storage is great for travelling

  4. Storage can help you store large season items

  5. It can be cheaper than upsizing your home

1. Available For Short or Long Term

Our storage facility is available for you to rent over both the short and long term. Shorter-term storage is useful if you are moving house and want to give some items a temporary home until you can find the perfect place for them in your new home.

Longer-term storage can be useful for old items you may want to sell down the line, or items you have no room for yet but are potentially planning to place in a house extension.

2. It Can Help Declutter Your Home

Decluttering your home can seem like a time-consuming task with so many items filling shelves, cupboards and unused rooms. It can be overwhelming to visualise where everything is going to go. 

Even if you are not moving home, using a storage unit to clear some floor space in your house is always a great idea. Trying to sell larger items but no one is biting? Feel free to use our storage facility to get it out of your way until a sale comes through.

3. Great For Travelling

With 2022 hopefully being the year everyone can get back to ticking off places on their bucket list, you may be considering taking a long trip away and renting out a home or apartment for extra income. 

Our facility features 24-hour round the clock security systems, making it a safe and secure way to store your belongings while you can’t keep an eye on them yourself, or if someone else is living in your home while you travel and you would like to offer them more space.

4. Perfect for Large Seasonal Items

Only use your Skiing/Snowboarding equipment in the winter or your paddleboards in the summer? Our long term storage offering means you can keep these items in our Irvine facility all year round until the time is right. 

Simply switch which items you store each season and keep your most used items at home. Or better yet, use it as storage for your items that you can collect and drop off as you require.

5. It’s Cheaper than Upsizing Your Home

One of the main reasons people buy a bigger house is the need for more storage space. However, upsizing a home can be an extremely expensive endeavour.

While we can’t know the price of the house you would be moving into, it is likely that using our storage facility would provide a far more cost-effective alternative to storing all your extra belongings than moving into a new home. If you are moving home, you can use our storage to clear some space in the meantime to take those all-important ‘clean-house’ photos for your property advert.

There are many advantages to using storage units. At Hanlon Bros Removal & Storage, we can help you manage your items into storage and allow you access whenever you need them. With upsizing homes potentially being very expensive, storage can be a much more cost-effective option for creating space in your current or new house.

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