Things Often Overlooked During a House Clearance

In the process, it's not uncommon for people to overlook certain items or aspects that hold value or significance. In this blog, we'll explore the forgotten gems and items of significance – the things people often forget when doing a house clearance.

Hanlon Brothers packing up a garage.

By highlighting these commonly overlooked items, we hope to help ensure you don’t overlook key items of sentimental or financial importance, and potentially uncover hidden treasures for a thorough house clearance. At Hanlon, we also provide a house clearance service which can take the effort & difficulty out of this. We also operate a storage facility in Ayrshire which is useful for even temporarily storing various items. 

Here’s our list of the top things often forgotten during a house clearance:

1. Forgotten Memorabilia

When sorting through piles of old papers, it's easy to dismiss them as mere clutter. However, take a closer look; you may stumble upon forgotten treasures. Old photo albums, letters, or postcards can hold sentimental value and provide a glimpse into the past. These items offer an opportunity to reconnect with cherished memories and rediscover the stories that make your family history unique.

2. Valuable Collectibles

Antiques, vintage items, or collectibles are often tucked away in attics, basements, or forgotten corners of a house. From rare coins and stamps to vintage toys and baseball cards, these items can have significant monetary value. Consider consulting with experts or conducting research to identify potential gems among your possessions before dismissing them as mere trinkets.

3. Hidden Jewellery

Jewellery is another category often overlooked during house clearances. Check jewellery boxes, drawers, and even unusual places where valuable pieces might have been stashed away. Costume jewellery, inherited heirlooms, or misplaced engagement rings could be waiting to be discovered. Take your time to sift through the smaller items, as valuable treasures can easily go unnoticed.

4. Important Documents

Amidst the chaos of decluttering, essential documents are often misplaced or unintentionally discarded. Birth certificates, passports, wills, and insurance policies can be vital for legal and personal purposes. Create a system for organising and categorising paperwork, ensuring that important documents are safely secured and easily accessible.

5. Valuable Books

Books can be easily overlooked or underestimated during a house clearance. While outdated textbooks or mass-market paperbacks might not hold much value, rare first editions, signed copies, or books by renowned authors can be worth a significant amount of money. Researching and appraising these literary gems can be a worthwhile endeavour.

6. Electronic Devices

With technology evolving rapidly, many households accumulate a surplus of outdated electronic devices. Forgotten smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, or laptops may still hold value. Erase personal data and consider selling or recycling these electronics responsibly instead of leaving them to gather dust in forgotten drawers.

7. Forgotten Garden Items

House clearances often focus on indoor spaces, leaving the garden neglected. Yet, gardens can house valuable tools, outdoor furniture, or garden ornaments. Vintage lawnmowers, antique garden tools, or decorative sculptures may be overlooked. Be sure to explore the outdoor areas thoroughly to avoid missing out on these forgotten garden treasures.

Clearing a house is a monumental task that requires time, effort, and attention to detail. By being aware of the often-forgotten items during a house clearance, you can avoid overlooking important items and increase your chances of uncovering hidden gems with sentimental or financial value. 

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House clearances can be chaotic so take your time. If you require professional advice, don’t hesitate to contact our home removals and storage team at Hanlon to arrange an expert house clearance service.

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