How To Get Your Appliances Ready For Removal

Kitchen Appliances

Removing appliances from a kitchen can often present a tricky challenge, with the cables from the appliances to the plugs often being inaccessible, or even fully built-in behind counters and worktops. The key is to take the necessary steps early to ensure a smooth operation. Cookers have to be disconnected well in advance of the move out date by a registered gas engineer or electrician. Washing machines and dishwashers need to have the water turned off, be disconnected at the wall, and have all water drained from the pipework. Once this is complete our dedicated removals team can securely move the items ready for your new home.

Living Room Appliances

The living room is arguably the central hub of electrical appliances in a home.  From a widescreen plasma TV at the centre of the room to the speaker system hooked up at the back of the room it can be a maze of wires, often left tangled up for years. Our removals team suggest labelling the wires as you disconnect them, in order to make life easier when unpacking and getting set-up at your new home. Our packing service can ensure that everything is sorted and ready for removal, and also ensure that your entertainment appliances are packed to protect from damage, and removed securely. 

Home Office Appliances

A home office room will usually house many delicate appliances such as computers, laptops and printers. For appliances that store important data, it is essential to ensure everything is backed up before switching off at the socket and packing away. If the original packaging is either lost or damaged, our removals team can provide specialist packing materials to properly protect your items during removal - just remember to arrange your packing materials with us in advance of moving day. 

Bedrooms and Cupboards

With the only rooms left unpacked being the ones you are sleeping in its understandable to leave the bed until last, but up until that point there’s a whole room that needs to be sorted through ready for removals day. Hopefully your bedroom is a sanctuary of peace and doesn’t contain too many appliances, but if your flat screen TV is a bedroom must-have then follow the advice above. Once all appliances are safely packed, it’s important to consider how you pack photo frames or other wall art, and the contents of your dressing table as these items are at risk of breaking. It is best to ensure photos and frames are wrapped up with plenty of paper and bubble wrap. Another useful tip is to separate lampshades from the stand and place in separate boxes. If you have any doubts or are worried about these items then Hanlon Brothers can help by providing packing materials or even a full packing service

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