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Strip it Back Friday, the perfect opportunity to clear some space. Instead of going mad in the Black Friday sales, and cluttering up your house with lots more things you probably don’t need, why not simplify your life by de-cluttering? Your credit card will thank you for it, and clearing out your house might just make you happier than a new flat screen tv ever could. 

Whilst the press and all the big retailers have definitely jumped on the American tradition of Black Friday sales over the last few years, we also see lots of articles in the news about the benefits of decluttering on mental health and happiness.

Stripping Back with House Clearances
Stripping Back with House Clearances

Clearing your house of all the clutter that builds up over time can make your home a more enjoyable place to relax. It can even be a viable alternative to moving home, giving your existing home a new lease of life. And whilst a spring clean is traditional, spending a bit of time clearing out your home this weekend will give you more space to decorate for Christmas and entertain family and friends over the festive period. 

If you’ve built up a lot of possessions or the task of clearing your house just seems too mentally or physically exhausting, consider getting some professional help. Our House Clearances team can take on a whole house, or do a partial house clearance where they focus on just selected rooms or outhouses. They will quickly and efficiently sort your items, which can be taken to auction, given to charity, or packed for storage, either within your own premises or at our secure Ayrshire storage facility. 

If you are inspired by Strip it Back Friday, you can read more about our house clearance service here, or get in touch for a quote.

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