Packing Hacks To Simplify A Move

Moving house can become a difficult task, from packing up your entire home to trying to find the kettle once you move in! It’s hard enough finding a new home let alone facing the daunting task of packing up.

Here are some packing ‘hacks’ that can help make sure your removal goes smoothly.

Label up your boxes

One of the main things people forget when packing up is that they have to unpack at the other end! So creating a label system, be it colour coded boxes, post-it notes or just writing on your boxes with a marker can save time when unloading the van. Our House Removals team love a clearly labelled box, it makes the process so much easier and helps ensure things go in the right room.

Protect your breakables

Our House Removals team take the utmost care to ensure your valuables are safe and secure when in transit, but sometimes you can hit a ‘bump in the road’, so we advise movers to make sure those important breakable items such as ornaments, plates and knick-knacks are protected. Bubble wrap or even newspaper can be the difference from a standing ornament to pieces of one.

Fragile House Removals

Always double tape boxes - reinforce

This one is an easy one, but something a lot of home removals customers overlook - double taping the bottom of your boxes. Reinforcing the bottom of your removals boxes can save your belongings from ending up on the floor when the box is picked up. So get taping!

Take photos of your electrical setups

Everyone has that drawer of miscellaneous cables, that tangled mess of wires that serve an unknown purpose. When it comes to packing up your electrical equipment like televisions and stereos you can easily get your ‘wires crossed’. Taking a photo of the cable setup before you begin disconnecting can help you once you’ve got everything unpacked in your new house.

Make a ‘first-night’ box of essentials

Moving house can be very tiring. The last thing you want to do on that first night in a new place is to be hunting for those essentials, your pyjamas, your toothbrush etc. Pack all these first-night essentials together making it easy to find them on your first night in your new home.

Have your kettle and cups ready for that first cuppa!

And finally the most important thing… get the kettle on! Make sure your kettle is in a handy box so once we’ve got our House Removals van unloaded you can settle in with a cup of tea!

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