What You Need to Know When Moving During the Pandemic

Hanlon team members with masks & PPE

As we move through the government’s phased release of lockdown, more and more services are being unlocked for the public. Although removal companies have been operational for a period of time under strict rules and regulations in Scotland, more of our customers are now planning house removals. Understandably, there is a greater trepidation when using services in being careful and respectful to limit and protect against Covid-19. At Hanlon, we make every effort to ensure every home removal conducted for our customers is as easy as possible. This remains as true as ever as we enter the next phases of lockdown with Coronavirus still a threat.


What You Need to Know When Moving Home During the Pandemic

Whether or not you choose to use Hanlon, we want anyone using a removal company to feel safe and secure. We have worked hard to build up our own well warranted great reputation, but ensuring that our industry is well represented is also important. Moving home at this time will still be a step too far for some people; to allow service people into the home let alone handle furniture and possessions. Regardless of whether you are apprehensive or not, you should make sure you are fully confident and comfortable with your removal company before you proceed. Hanlon Bros Removal and Storage are glad to provide some tips in how to choose a reliable moving company.


What questions should I ask my removal company?


  • Can I get a survey and quote completed remotely?
    • This reduces the amount of exposure in households. Obviously, with a home removal, there will be people in the home and handling goods.

  • Will staff maintain social distancing?
    • Whether it’s collecting an invoice or helping package things, no staff should encroach on a social distance that makes you uncomfortable.

  • Even with appropriate social distancing, are staff equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE)? 
  • Have staff received appropriate hygiene and Coronavirus safety training? Monitoring and protecting staff is very important:
    • Are any employees displaying symptoms?
    • Are they following self-isolation guidelines? Ensuring people who enter your home are safe to do so is very important.
    • Similarly, are any vehicles or equipment which are being used cleaned and sanitised between jobs for your protection?

You may also have questions to ask a removal company about how you should prepare:

  • Should you be wearing any protective equipment? 
  • Should you be disinfecting each item and surface?
  • What if someone in your household becomes ill before the move? 

These are just some of the many questions you may or may not have considered, but are crucial to consider before letting service people into your home for a home removal service. 

How are Hanlon Bros Removals & Storage operating and staying safe during the Pandemic?

At Hanlon Bros Removal & Storage, we provide remote quotes for your house removal service. We can handle all quotes, invoices, and business matters digitally, allowing our staff to conduct the home removal services from a social distance. Staff are provided with full training on hygiene and sanitary working practices. Each Hanlon home removal team member is provided with safety equipment and facemask, alongside hand sanitiser for constant and reinforced hygiene. We take staff temperatures to ensure each member is fit to work and any member of staff with symptoms is closely following government health advice in self-isolation. Our vans and equipment are thoroughly cleaned after each removal.

On top of this, we provide useful tips and documentation on preparing your home for a removal. This could be disconnecting white goods and packaging items to make the move as efficient as possible. Our team is always on the end of a phone call if there are any questions or concerns ahead of your move. The Hanlon business ethos is making your move as stress free as possible, and whilst Coronavirus adds a new dimension of stress to any move, we will continue to do all we can to ensure the peace of mind our team will deliver.

Booking Your Removal Company

We will continue to monitor and adapt to developing government advice on any service we provide. Rest assured, our team is ready and equipped to continue to provide the safe, clean, and efficient home removal service we have offered for 55 years. Request your free estimate on our website and find out why we are the removal company of choice in the West of Scotland. 

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