Providing a Professional, Empathic House Clearance Service

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A house clearance could be necessary for various reasons, but whatever the reason, we place no less importance on the careful handling and transport of our clients’ belongings. 

Why do I need a house clearance?

A house clearance service may be required due to preparing a house for rent or sale, or for when a deceased relative’s home has to be cleared. A house clearance involves packing and moving goods from someone’s home and transporting to either a storage facility or to be prepared for sale. 

Preparing a home for rental or sale

Whether you are a landlord, a couple moving in together and consolidating belongings, or just looking to downsize and sell your home, a house clearance can help preparation. A house clearance will help declutter existing spaces. Once personal items have been cleared, any furniture or belongings is packaged and can be stored or sold as per your wishes. 

Clearing the home of deceased relative

Regrettably, a house clearance is often necessary when a friend or relative dies. If the property is rented, or owned, the estate must be consolidated to be gifted or sold. Many families will opt to carry this out themselves, however it can be a difficult process with the emotions involved. We empathise and understand the emotions of clearing a house when someone dies, and the distress packing their home and life belongings can bring. 

The Hanlon Bros Removals & Storage team are fully experienced in house clearances and if you choose, can decide which items should go to auction or charity. Our team handle every home removal or house clearance with the same level of care and consideration, and this is often a valuable support at difficult times for our clients. We can provide a solution to meet your needs and your desired level of involvement. 

Impact of Covid-19 on Removal Companies in Scotland

As we have throughout the current Covid-19 pandemic, Hanlon Bros Removals & Storage team is following strict guidelines in line with the government restrictions. Our team are still able to complete home removals and house clearances. Removal companies in Scotland can continue to operate around your home, and at Hanlon Bros Removals & Storage, we will always do so with the utmost respect, creating a safe and comfortable environment for you and your family. Whether this is a simple house removal, or a house clearance for a deceased relative, our primary focus is making the transition as comfortable and stress free as possible. 

What Hanlon Bros Removals & Storage House Clearance Service Offers

Our house clearance service is tailored around your specific needs and requirements. We can provide a quote based on the amount of goods and the space required. Each house clearance includes many options for customers, including:

  • Full Planning
  • Packing Service
  • Storage Facility
  • Peace of Mind (our added extra to every home removal & house clearance!)

Whilst many house clearance services will help to simply clear the home, Hanlon Bros Removals & Storage also have a sizeable storage warehouse facility. Our storage facility offers many options for storing any type of furniture or belongings. This can be an effective short term solution when moving or clearing a home on short notice. 

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We have successfully cleared homes of every size, from single bedroom flats to the largest family properties within Ayrshire and the surrounding area. Request your free estimate on our website and find out why we are the removal company of choice in the West of Scotland. 

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