Help Before, During and After Moving House

Moving house can be a stressful experience. With all the financial and administrative aspects involved in the process, it’s important to streamline the procedure as much as possible. 

At Hanlon Bros, we have over 50 years of experience in home removals and helping families relocate from Ayrshire across the country. Whether you are moving, home, office or business, our experienced removals team are here to do the heavy lifting before, during and even after you move house or office.

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Before Your Move - Requesting An Estimate 

Getting a quote with Hanlon Bros Removals & Storage is a straightforward process. Simply request an estimate by putting in your name, telephone number and email address. Our team will then carry out a no-obligation removal survey at your property. This allows us to identify exactly what removal requirements you have. We will also inform you of all our services that are available to you.

Shortly after, you will then be given a written quote and you can then decide if you would like to accept. If so, a member of our removal team will supply you with an acceptance form to confirm your booking.

This is the perfect time to organise your belongings into those that will be moving to your new location, and those that you might not need anymore and could be placed in one of our secure storage facilities until required.

During Your Move - Our Packing Services

We provide both a full and part packing service. A full service encompasses everything in your home that requires packing is done so safely and securely, ready for transport to your new home or office. A part packing service focuses more on certain products that you choose, instead of every item in your house. You may choose to focus on more valuable items, where more careful packing is required, or larger items such as sofas or wardrobes.

We use the highest quality materials for packing your belongings. If you prefer to pack your items yourself, we also sell boxes and packing tape to you for your move and then buy them back once you are finished.

On the day of your move, our team will arrive at your property and brief you of the plan as we walk around your home. Your belongings will be efficiently and properly packed and loaded into our van before ensuring that everything that needs to be packed and moved is accounted for.

Our removals team will also help you set up your new home by unpacking your belongings to make your new house feel like a home, or your new office be a great working environment.

After Your Move - Our Storage Facilities

As with every move, you may come across items that you don’t want cluttering up your new space, or If you are downsizing to a smaller property, there could be items that don’t fit.

Our purpose built storage facility in Ayrshire is available for you to store your items over the short or long term and is equipped with some of the latest security systems.

Our containers are also well ventilated to ensure that your stored belongings are safe from mould and other damaging agents.

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Reach out to Hanlon Brothers Removals and Storage today for a free House Removal Quote & to discuss what your requirements are. Our dedicated team is happy to help with any enquiry and aim to provide the right service for you at all times.

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