5 Businesses You Can Run Using Storage Units

Storage Units aren’t just great for anyone looking to move house, they can also provide valuable space for your main or side business. With plenty of room and 24/7 access, our storage facility in Irvine could be the ideal place to store your belongings when you’re not using them or as a storage centre for you to ship items from.

If you’re thinking about starting a business, or are already involved in one of the below industries, there is a storage unit waiting for you at our facility.


1. Contractor

Contracting can cover a wide variety of professions, from gardeners, bricklayers, plumbers and more. Becoming one of these either full or part-time means that you’ll need somewhere to store large equipment such as a lawnmower, large drills and more.

Our storage facility has more than enough room to accommodate your needs so your large equipment doesn’t take up room in your house. With 24/7 access, it won’t hold you back from completing jobs at any day or time.

2. Online Seller

Online stores such as Depop, Etsy and more are growing all the time and there’s always room for more sellers to join the platforms. The beauty of these platforms is that they allow you to sell essentially anything you like from clothes, custom mugs, paintings etc. 

Our storage containers have enough room to store large household items, think of how many small items you could keep in storage until you’re ready to package them up and send them off to your customers.

3. Charity

People always want to give older or unused items to charities, but you don’t have to have hundreds of stores like Oxfam to run your charity. Use one of our storage facilities as the holding facility between the people who donate and the people who will receive the donations.

Don't worry if there are any hold-ups. One of the advantages of our storage facility is that you can use it over the short and long term, meaning you can keep your charitable donations in storage for as long as you need.

4. Vintage Furniture Sales

Our storage units were designed to hold household furniture, making them ideal for storing any vintage furniture you have collected or wish to sell after clearing out your own home. Access your storage unit at any time so no matter when your buyer wants to collect your furniture, there’s time for you to retrieve it from your unit. 

Some people sell furniture at auctions. If this is the case for you, feel free to store any unsold furniture at our facility between auctions.

5. Events Management Or Performances

Events can cover a broad range of topics. Perhaps you are a DJ with large speakers or a planner/manager with decorations, candles, and large archways for weddings or birthdays. Whatever your needs and equipment we have the room to store your belongings between events. 

Our storage units also prevent the build-up of moisture and other agents that could damage your equipment, meaning the quality of your gear stays intact.

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