How To Pack When Moving House

Hanlon Bros house removals started back in 1965 and, since then, we’ve assisted hundreds of customers each year with their moving requests. It’s understandable that you would feel stressed during this time, but we make it our mission to guide you through every stage of the process, helping to relieve you of these emotions whenever we can. As one of the top companies for removals Ayrshire has to give, we are the people to contact if you plan to move in the immediate future.

At Hanlon Bros, only the best quality materials are employed with our packing services. Packing up your fragile items might be time-consuming, but it’s something that must be done right. Regardless of how well you handle the boxes, if they are packed improperly you can ruin everything inside. In an effort to aid you with this challenging task, we’ve produced some advice on moving brittle objects if you wish to carry out the packing yourself.


1. Bowls & Plates

Begin by wrapping them up in paper, and then put them vertically on their edges within the box. Plates are very strong in terms of compression and are able to take weight on their side. When placed in a flat manner, they can become cracked from any weight that exists above.

2. Sentimental & Delicate Items

Our recommendation would be to use extra wrapping products. Begin by covering the items in paper, and then bring in the bubble wrap or something similar and secure it with tape. If the item is an unusual shape, ensure that they’re all supported in the box by using a blanket as a base. 

If you are running out of packing materials, you are more than welcome to buy packing materials from us at Hanlon, which we then buy back once you are finished.

3. Everyday Objects

With other regular items, see to it that nothing heavy is put on top of the fragile goods. Sometimes, objects end up fitting in the box very well so that regular items can be used to hold the more delicate items in place.

However, be mindful that if there is still room for some movement, the normal items could move in transit and potentially damage the more fragile ones. Our advice would be to keep the regular items to the bottom, and more fragile items to the top.

When you use our packing service, no matter how you wish to conduct things, whether you want us to pack everything up or you intend to do it all yourself, we will support your decisions and make your move as stress-free as possible.

If there’s anything we can do for you, please let us know. We are a helpful, highly trained team and have built a strong reputation as one of the best for house removals that Ayrshire has.

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