Tips For Moving House With Pets

There is much involved when it comes to moving house, more than what a single individual is capable of handling. With professional assistance, however, not only is it possible to get everything where it needs to be, but you can also do so without causing damage to any of your possessions. As one of the most praised businesses working in house removals Ayrshire has to offer, we are the people you’ll want to contact as soon as the decision to move has been made.

For your pets, moving can be befuddling to say the least. Even worse, they shall be incapable of informing you how it is affecting them. Therefore, it’s essential that you do all you can to make the transition comfortable. In addition to lessening both your and their stress levels, this will also give them the opportunity to attune to their new abode.

Vehicle Temperatures

Contrary to moving with dogs and cats, smaller mammals like rabbits are relatively easy to relocate. However, you must remember to stop your car from becoming too hot; rabbits in particular don’t respond well to high temperatures. Heat stroke is one of the biggest issues to watch out for, so you have to prevent your car temperature from exceeding 23°C.


You should invest in a decent cage for your animal as well, along with a sufficient amount of water and food cups. This will allow you to keep track of it and stop it from becoming an obstruction once the heavy lifting begins. See to it that your travel carrier is positioned on an even surface and drive your car as smoothly as possible when transporting animals.

Moving Aquariums & Terrariums

Aquariums usually present quite the challenge. Because of their delicate nature, fish don’t normally do well during moves. Some would suggest that you give them away. However, if you’re careful enough, you’ll be able to bring them. What you’ll want to do first is locate a fitting container for them. If there are any live plants inside your tank, place them and some of the tank’s water inside your receptacle.

If you own a terrarium, the method of preparation will be similar to that of an aquarium. The primary difference is that you must secure your holders. Should you neglect to do this, your pets might escape. Some animals won’t cause much fuss, but the likes of spiders and snakes will.

At Hanlon Bros, our philosophy of providing the absolute best service possible is what allows us to meet the removal and packing service standards we’re known for. We’ve come across various goods in the past that demand a certain degree of attention. No matter how particular the requirements get though, we will be able to manage.

If you require assistance from the most approachable team for house clearance Irvine has, please get in touch. We can provide a reliable service to suit every requirement.

Reach out to Hanlon Brothers Removals and Storage today for a free removal quote & to discuss what your requirements are. Our dedicated team is happy to help with any enquiry and aims to provide the right service for you at all times.

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