Why Storage Is Always Convenient For Everyone

Our storage facilities are very practical and convenient solutions for many reasons:

  • They’re available for both short term and long term storage.
  • They make it easier to redecorate by freeing up space within rooms.
  • They give you time to plan the layout of your new home before moving everything in.

Hanlon storage facility

Short & Long Term Storage

A lot of homes have rooms dedicated to unutilised clutter. When looked at, this can be seen as not a very efficient way of using space. Homes that are overcrowded can be not as nice to live in, and cause unnecessary stress on household members. Making use of storage units can be a temporary or long term answer, as you have full control over the hire time.

Making Redecorating Easier

Whether you are renovating a room in your existing house or doing up a room in a new home to make it feel like your own, storage units can provide that all important extra space, allowing you to fully focus on tearing wallpaper down and installing new carpets without the furniture taking up space in that, or other rooms.

Simply redecorate the room to your desire, and move your furniture back in piece by piece to suit the new style of your room.

Giving You Time To Plan

Our storage facilities are ideal for storing collections of items that you perhaps aren’t using presently, but wish to retain for future use. If you are using our removals service, you can take advantage of our storage until you are settled and organised as well.

The convenience that our storage solutions provide is one of its greatest advantages. Whether or not you are moving, you can store a variety of items for long lengths of time. You even have the flexibility to decide what time you want your belongings back, in case you decide to buy new furniture or not.

Hanlon Bros Removals and Storage can provide you with a flexible service every time, no matter what your reasons for needing help are. We operate this service because we understand people sometimes need some additional space to store their possessions, whether they are clearing out, moving, or simply don’t want to let certain things go.

If you require our useful and secure storage services then please get in touch with Hanlon Bros today. We will provide the perfect solution for you, delivering storage Largs residents can all rely on.

Reach out to Hanlon Brothers Removals and Storage today for a storage quote & to discuss what your requirements are. Our dedicated team is happy to help with any enquiry and aims to provide the right service for you at all times.

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