Packing For Moving House Made Simple

Our family-run removals and storage business has become established as the leading provider of removals and home storage solutions in Ayrshire. With time comes experience and ours has enabled Hanlon Bros to grow into what we are today. Specialising in various aspects of the house removal operation, we are the ones to call whenever you are planning to move home.

When moving house, some small packing tips can go a long way. In order to plan efficiently and effectively, it’s best to think ahead and visualise the task that lies ahead of you. Here are a series of helpful hints and some advice that may prove beneficial to you when starting your packing:

  1. Pack Up One Room At A Time

  2. Lift With The Right Technique To Avoid Sustaining An Injury & Delaying Your Move

  3. Pick The Right Size Of Box & Utilise Space

  4. Wrap Valuables In Items of Clothing As An Extra Layer of Protection Against Damage

  5. Include An Essentials Box

  6. Get The Right Packing Tools

  7. Take Photos Of Electrical Set-Ups

1. Pack One Room At A Time

One good idea would be to pack up a single room at a time. After you have finished in the first room, utilise it as your dedicated packing room where you can keep all of your packing items together.

This also could give you somewhere you can pack into, like a worktop or a table away from clutter.

2. Safety First

Keep in mind that you want to avoid having to constantly bend over to avoid injury. Place boxes on top of your dedicated surface as early as possible to avoid you having to lift them after you have filled them with items.

If you are going to lift any box, instead of arching your back and bending over, squat down keeping your back straight and lift by driving through your feet instead of lifting with your back.

3. Get The Right Size Of Box

When selecting the size of the box that you need, make use of book boxes for things like drawer contents, kitchen crockery, documentation and other office objects.

For bedding, cushions, massive folders, the odd oversized book, toys, and anything else that isn’t fragile, use a box that is greater in size.

4. Protect Your Valuables

Most people have delicate items out with your standard jewellery which will likely be placed in dedicated small boxes, or china mugs that will be wrapped in special paper.

Any other items that don’t fall into these categories could be wrapped in soft items like t-shirts to give them a layer of soft, cotton cushioning. At Hanlon, we offer both a full and part packing service to give you that extra hand.

5. Include an Essentials Box

Your essentials box can include everything you might need on your last night in your old house, and the first night in your new one. Making your essential items that bit easier to reach might be just what you need after a long day of lugging suitcases and boxes from one location to another.

6. Get The Right Packing Tools

Investing in the right materials will no doubt save you time. Bubble wrap, packing tape, packing paper, ziplock bags, labels and markers, and sturdy boxes are all the ingredients you need for a smooth packing experience. Don't forget a box cutter for when you're unpacking.

At Hanlon Bros, we conduct hundreds of large and small house removals, tackling unique objectives each and every time. From smaller, more delicate possessions like crystal and glass ornaments to the bigger and heavier belongings, we can take care of everything thanks to the end-to-end service we provide. This is why we are widely regarded as the best provider of removals in Ayrshire.

7. Take Photos Of Electrical Set Ups

TV's, computers and other electronic items could have complicated wiring. Take a photo of them in their working state so you can easily identify which cable goes where when you set it up in your new house. Also, you can label your cables with "Living Room TV" if you end up putting cables in different boxes to their appliances.

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