Moving House With Garden Plants

At first, moving house with your garden plants can seem straightforward. However, when homeowners uproot their garden without telling the buyer at the point of sale, there could be legal ramifications. This is because plants are categorised as part of the fittings and fixtures. Therefore, if you intend to take your plants with you, the buyer must sanction this.

What You Need To Know About Moving Plants

For numerous homebuyers, a garden’s aesthetics are what make or break the deal. Over the years, the amount of garden-grabbing cases has risen. This is where the previous owners take everything without running it by anyone. Garden plants are part of contracts, which means that taking them can annul the settlement.

Take The Season Into Consideration

Something else you should be aware of is that certain plants have seasonal demands. As such, the smartest move would be to convey them during the neutral season between October and February where plant growth has all but ceased. Anyone worried about their own flowers should speak with a gardening expert.

Tips When Moving House

Whether you have kept all the moving responsibility yourself or working with our moving team, we will need to consider space for plants either in your car or in our removal van. Plant boxes can’t be stored on top of one another like other boxes can when you pack for moving house. Even though this can limit space, our removal experts will do everything we can to keep both your indoor and outdoor plants safe during transit.

Make Use Of Allotments

If you have an allotment and are thinking about moving, now might be a good time to consider moving plants there ahead of your move. It will give you one less thing to worry about on moving day, allowing more space for your belongings. Then your plants can be moved to your new garden at your leisure.

At Hanlon Bros, we carry out  hundreds of house removals every year, something that helps to keep our skill sharp. Once we’ve talked about your plant and other specifications, we can then supply you with a quote. It won’t be long after that when we start officially planning your move. Our house removals team is highly efficient and we have an excellent track record; if you want the best removals Ayrshire has to offer, contact us below.

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Reach out to Hanlon Brothers Removals and Storage today for a free removal quote & to discuss what your requirements are. Our dedicated team is happy to help with any enquiry and aims to provide the right service for you at all times.

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