How To Move Large and Electronic Objects When Moving House

Moving house is not easy, and there are certain items that require far more attention than others do. Appliances/electronics and large goods all come with their own unique challenges, which is why extra care is needed when moving them. To ensure that nothing goes wrong when you come to shift these items, we do everything we can to ensure a secure and safe removal, however with electrical or heavy goods, it's always advised to take a few steps before your move.

Two people moving a wardrobe down stairs.

1. Backup Your Data

With computers, you need to back your data up before doing anything else. After this has been accomplished, turn off the main machines and the associated gadgetry and unplug the mains. Label each individual cable clearly so that you know what goes where. Those who lack the original packaging shall have to use a walled box, wrapping paper, and bubble wrap to keep the machinery intact.

2. Disconnect In Advance

Individuals who have a gas cooker will need to have it disconnected by a registered gas engineer. It’s best to have this done a few weeks prior to moving. That way you won’t have to run around panicking trying to find someone last minute. Washing mechanisms also require disconnection. The difference here though is that you can take care of this yourself if you are familiar with all the workings.

3. Dismantle When You Can

When moving heavy furniture, if you don’t lift properly, there is a higher chance of sustaining an injury. Usually, couches, wardrobes and more furniture can be dismantled into separate pieces. Not only does this make it easier to pick up and place the items into a van or a car, but they can much more easily fit through doorways and require fewer people to help manage.

4. Wrap Delicate Items

Items such as televisions and mirrors should be wrapped in bubble wrap and even boxed where possible. This protects them from any potential bashes against walls when moving them out of the house but also keeps them safe during transit. With our full or part packing services, you can rest assured that we will take the utmost care when packing all of your delicate belongings.

At Hanlon Bros, we play a part in hundreds of moves each year. From the very beginning right up until you settle into your new property, we will take care of every detail so that you can concentrate on all the other important duties that demand your focus. Our professionalism and attention to detail have helped us become one of the best companies for removals in Ayrshire.

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