How To Wrap Antiques When Moving House

No two house moves are the same. This means movers must produce unique but equally efficient plans for each one. Hanlon Bros Removals and Storage can aid you in accomplishing this and you can expect us to turn in a top-calibre performance if you choose to work with our expert house removals team.

You could have chosen to purchase some fine art or may have inherited an antique heirloom at some point in your life. Whatever the circumstances, the value and fragility of such objects require you to handle them with tremendous care. Once you reach the point where you need to move everything, you must ensure that you pack each article appropriately. The advice we’ve prepared below will help you to achieve this.

A row of packed boxes in a hallway.

Don’t overlook anything

Small mirrors, family photos, and similar small goods are typically overlooked during the packing procedure. You might not think it initially, but they demand just as much care as your other items. Start by wrapping them up in appropriate paper and bubble wrap individually. Afterwards, employ some foam padding or secondary bubble wrap to line your cardboard box. Then you can place your possessions inside boxes vertically.

Dealing with tricky shapes

If you have to deal with antiques and other breakable artefacts, you’ll find them harder to pack as their uniquely shaped designs can complicate even the most perfect packing technique. What you have to do is start by wrapping some foam padding around them. This will permit it to mould into your item’s precise formation. Following this, envelop it in a layer or two of bubble wrap. See to it that these objects get their own boxes that come with plenty of padding too.

At Hanlon Bros, we take no chances whilst dealing with antiques. Before we get to work, we examine all of your belongings to decide on the best way of handling them which makes packing them up a far more manageable experience. Our full or part packing service is available if and when you need help packing your items. The care we show is why we have such a good reputation and can say we are one of the best for removals Ayrshire has to offer.

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