The Top 10 Most Difficult Things to Move When Moving Home

As home removal experts, we have helped thousands of people pack up and move home. Often the packing is left as one of the last tasks, and that can bring many challenges on moving day. 

Although a removal company can help you move your belongings from A to B, many removal services or van hires can’t help you prepare your goods. At Hanlon Bros Removals & Storage, we offer a packing service to help take care of the hassle. Tackling the hardest to handle items in plenty of time can reduce a lot of the stress in moving. We count down some of the most difficult items our customers have faced when moving home:

1. Plants

You should avoid moving plants too quickly as they can be sensitive to light and temperature, however leaving to the last minute can cause damage as they are rushed into vans and cars

2. Artwork

Hastily removing picture frames or posters from walls can easily damage walls or the frames themselves. Special packaging for expensive artwork is a must

3. TVs

You don’t want to spend those first few nights in your new home staring at a wall. Yes, TVs are getting bigger in screen size and smaller in frame, but many old TVs are bulky and heavy. Regardless, all TVs are fragile and must be carefully packaged and protected when in transport

4. Beds

From king size to bunk beds, from wooden frame to divan, beds are bulk and heavy. Some beds require disassembling which can be a tricky and lengthy process

5. Aquariums

All pets can be a menace to move. True, they are an integral part of our families, but they don’t pull much weight in packing! Aquariums are notoriously tricky to move, from temporarily homing residents to moving filters and aquatic plant life. Not to mention the tank itself which are usually large, heavy, and very fragile 

6. Sofas

Possibly one of the bulkiest items in any home removal, and usually a tight squeeze between standard door frames. Make sure measurements are clear so sofas can be manoeuvred to vans and your new home. Remember… pivot…!

7. Wardrobes

We hope you’ve remembered to pack the contents! Wardrobes may have integrated mirrors, shelves, or moving doors which require special attention. You never want a door swinging open while you’re carrying it down stairs

8. Musical Instruments (The Dreaded Piano)

There’s a reason many Looney Tunes cartoons have specialised Acme Piano Removals. They are huge, they are shapely, they are heavy, and they don’t go in and out of regular doors. Maybe they are easier without Tom and Jerry around though?

9. Fridges & Freezers

Although they look big and robust, a fridge and / or freezer becomes quite fragile when in motion. From compressors to coolants, even minor damage which may only seem superficial could seriously impact the functionality

10. Children

We recommend grandparents, aunties & uncles, or friends to help move any children. They can be fragile, they can be heavy, and occasionally they can be annoying! Although they do make good helpers for moving your smaller items!

Choosing Hanlon Bros For Your Next Home Removal

From our expert packing service to the professional home removal job we carry out each and every time, Hanlon Bros Removals & Storage are your perfect house removal partner. With decades of experience, we have carefully and efficiently moved homes, rooms, and families of all shapes and sizes. 

Contact Hanlon Brothers Removals and Storage today for a free quote & to discuss what your requirements are. Our dedicated team is happy to help with any enquiry and aims to provide the right service for you at all times.

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