5 Things To Do After Moving In To Your New House

Your mind can be racing before, during and after moving house. With so much to pack, organise and then unpack, it’s easy for things to slip your mind. As important as it is to be organised before moving, there are a couple of final tasks to complete once you move in.

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After You Move In

  1. Change Your Locks
  2. Move Your Details Over
  3. Explore Your New Area
  4. Meet Your New Neighbours
  5. Relax

Change Your Locks

You never know who might accidentally still have a spare key to your new house. It could even be as innocent as a relative of someone who used to live there. While likely nothing to worry about, it’s never a bad thing to know that the only person who has keys to your new house is you.

Move Your Details Over

There are a few ‘life-admin’ tasks that need to be done to put the icing on the cake. Update your driving license, redirect your mail etc. Do you need a new dentist or GP? Make a list of everything that has you registered at your old address and update it accordingly.

Explore Your New Area

You might not have moved far, but even getting to know the layout of the surrounding streets is never a bad idea. You might come across a new restaurant or a new coffee shop that you can try out at the weekends. If you have moved further away from your old house, take a 30-minute walk to relax but also explore the surrounding parks and streets.

Meet Your New Neighbours

You have brand new people all around you. Some of them might come over to say hello and introduce themselves. If not, it never hurts to make the first move. They might have recommendations for walks or restaurants in the area or even invite you over for dinner.


You did it. The hard part is over and all there is left to do is settle in. Order a takeaway, have a well-deserved glass of wine and enjoy your brand-new home.

Now the (literal) heavy lifting part is done and all those large items have been moved in, make sure you take time to explore your new area, meet your new neighbours and make your new house your new home.

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