How To Pack Your Bathroom When Moving House

One of the most challenging rooms to pack while moving house is the bathroom. Bathrooms have an abundance of small items such as cotton buds, delicate items including perfumes or aftershaves but also large and awkwardly shaped items such as cabinets and custom rails. However, with the right planning and organisation, packing up your bathroom can be just as easy as packing up any other room in the house.

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1. Declutter Your Toiletries Collection

How many shower gels or shampoos do you have that are half full? Can you consolidate any of these if they are the same brand or product to save space? Do you have empty bottles lying around? Perhaps there are even old sponges or loofahs that you think “it’s probably time for a new one.”

With most shower gel and shampoo bottles being large or weird shapes, consolidating and decluttering your old or half full toiletries will save more space than you think. Get rid of items that you think should be replaced.

2. Have An Essentials Box

An ‘essentials’ box can be created for every single room. Your bathroom essentials box will include items that you will need right up until you leave your house for the final time, for example toilet paper, soap and maybe even a toothbrush depending on what time you're leaving.

3. Pack Delicate Items Inside Clothes

Bathrooms will no doubt include a lot of delicate items such as mirrors and glass perfume bottles. Packing these in a box amongst other delicate items might cause them to break during transit no matter how careful your driving is.

Wrapping these items in clothes provides them with an extra cushioned layer that even if they rattle about during travel there is a far less chance that they will break.

4. Beware Of Small Items

Bathrooms also contain many small items such as cotton swabs and toothbrush heads. With these items being so small if they were to fall out of a bag they are likely to be ruined, broken or needing replaced. Be mindful of these small items and make sure the bags are sealed properly.

5. Pack Cleaning Supplies Last

One of the final things you'll do before leaving your house is cleaning. Make sure you leave packing your cleaning supplies until the very end so you can give your bathroom a once over before leaving it for the last time.

At Hanlon Bros, our expert removals team with over 50 years experience will help you pack up your house in the most efficient and stress-free way possible. We’ll even help unpack your belongings into your new home so you can get to the “living” part right away. Whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen or home office, you can rely on Hanlon.

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