How To Pack Your Living Room For Moving House

Packing up your living room can be a daunting task. With all the different items in your living room from furniture to electronics and breakables, it's essential to have a solid plan to ensure that all items are packed up safely and securely when moving house.

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1. Start With The Decorative Items

Your living room may contain a lot of family pictures, ornaments or antiques which, if not wrapped properly, are all subject to breaking during travel. Start by packing decorative items such as vases and picture frames ensuring they are wrapped in bubble wrap.

2. Pack Books But Beware Of Box Weight

You'll be surprised how many books you can collect over the lifespan of living in a house. books can absolutely be packed together.

While books are not necessarily delicate they can certainly make a box incredibly heavy if too many are put in one box. Split the books up to ensure you can still lift the box into your car without injuring yourself.

3. Disassemble Any Furniture If Possible

Disassemble any furniture that can be taken apart such as bookcases, some TV stands and coffee tables. use the appropriate tools to remove any screws or fixings and keep all the pieces for that item of furniture together in one small bag.

This will make it easy to reassemble the furniture when you move into your new house. You could even label the bag with the specific item of furniture that those fixings belong to.

4. Wrap Big Items Of Furniture

Some larger items of furniture such as sofas or bookcases that cannot be disassembled can be tricky to move and wrap. However, doing so will protect the item from dust and damage during travel.

Grab some moving blankets or ideally furniture wrap if you can to keep them free from marks and scratches.

5. Wrap Electronics

Your living room will probably contain TVs, lamps, games consoles and other large electronics. Make sure to wrap each item in bubble wrap or packing paper and if possible pack them in their individual box. The original box will contain the cardboard elements that they arrived in that fit their original shape.

If you have thrown out the original boxes, using another box that is large enough will do, but make sure to pack the sides with extra packing material to prevent the item from moving inside the box.

Wrapping up your living room will involve large items of furniture, a lot of disassembly, and potentially even some delicate items.

The living room is the room that you will spend the majority of time in so you want everything to be just right. Our expert removals team at Hanlon will ensure that everything gets wrapped appropriately so nothing is damaged during the moving process.

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