House Removals

At Hanlon Bros Removals & Storage we have over 55 years experience in house removals, helping families move across Ayrshire and throughout Scotland. When you book with us you are trusting the top removals company in Ayrshire to take care of all your house removal needs right up until you settle in your new home.

Our experienced team is on hand to help you throughout the entire removal process. We’ll ensure that each room is packed up and loaded into our van safely and securely, getting the whole process done in an efficient and timely manner.
We’ll take care of it all, from lifting the big heavy items and safely wrapping the small delicate ornaments.

Moving House Across Scotland?

For the last 55 years, our expert house removal team has helped families move across Scotland - including over to Arran! Whether you are downsizing your home to one a couple of streets over or upgrading to a larger one 50 miles away, we’ll make the journey with you and be on hand for any logistical questions.

What We Provide

  • Expert Removal Co-ordinator

    Expert Removal Co-ordinator

  • Professional Removal Crew

    Professional Removal Crew

  • Optional Packing & Unpacking Service

    Optional Packing & Unpacking Service

  • Hanging Wardrobe Cartons

    Hanging Wardrobe Cartons

  • 50 Years of House Removal Experience

    50 Years of House Removal Experience

  • Security and Reliability with your Items.

    Security and Reliability with your Items.


No-Obligation Removal Survey

You can call or contact us to make an appointment for a no-obligation removal survey to be carried out at your property.

This enables us to identify your removal requirements and discuss the various services we offer. We will then give you a written quotation the following day and you can then decide if you wish to accept our quote. If so, you would fill out an acceptance form and your removal is booked in.

Removal Experts

Use our Packing Service and we'll get every single item wrapped up and ready for removal, giving you more time to focus on everything else.

We’ve got a number of innovative products that aid the removals team with packing up your property such as hanging wardrobe cartons. These cartons mean you don’t even have to fold your clothes, they can be transported hanging up. You can buy high quality packing materials from us that are built to last. We can then buy these back from you after your move is complete. This saves you money, while saving the environment from excess packing materials being thrown out.

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