5 Things to Consider when Moving House

5 Things to Consider when Moving House

5 Things to Consider when Moving House

Written by Lorraine Hanlon on

Moving home starts a whirlwind of thoughts, worries and tasks as the moving date gets closer and closer. It’s easy to forget everything you need to do to get your old home cleared and your belongings ready to move.

Practices such as identifying repairs early on and planning how long it will take to pack your belongings are just a couple of key things that can make the moving process a lot easier.

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1. What Items Do You No Longer Need?

Many items that could be sitting around your home that you haven’t used in months and being ruthless when it comes to getting rid of items could make all the difference in your new home.

Our top 5 tips on decluttering your home are a great start when you are unsure what you need to throw out and what you want to keep

2. Walk Through Your New Home

Moving into a new house is always exciting, with lots of space in front of you it’s hard to imagine it full. But adding even a few larger items such as couches and tables can make that space fill up quickly.

Taking a walk around each room and trying to visualise exactly where items will fit is a very useful practice. Not only is this useful from a belongings point of view, but it also allows you to make sure that there are no repairs needing to be done.

3. Prioritise Repairs

Although any repairs should be pointed out by previous owners or inspectors, you may still notice some when walking around your new home for the first time. Some may not need to be done immediately, however, there may be one or two that you need to sort before moving furniture in. 

If this happens, make a list in priority order starting with the highest. With Hanlon Bros, you can rent one of our storage containers for the short or long term - allowing you to keep a whole room’s worth of items safe and secure until your repair is fixed.

4. How Long Will You Need To Pack?

The more hands there are, the quicker it will take. Perhaps you want to leave the packing to our experienced removals team or you may want to pack delicate or personal items yourself. 

Whatever your approach, make sure you leave enough time for the number of rooms in your home. Two-bedroom homes can take anywhere between 2 and 3 days to pack with larger four-bedroom homes taking just under a week if help is in short supply. 

At Hanlon, we offer both a full and part packing service in preparation for your move. However, if your house has more belongings than usual, make sure you leave enough time to get a head start ahead of moving day.

5. Do You Have Enough Packing Materials?

You can never have too many boxes and bubble wrap. It’s better to have too much than not enough. Some larger or awkwardly shaped items such as lamps can take up more room within a box than originally thought.

At Hanlon Bros, you can purchase packing materials from us which we then buy back from you once your move is complete.

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