How to Pack Your Moving Day Essentials Box

How to Pack Your Moving Day Essentials Box

How to Pack Your Moving Day Essentials Box

Written by Lorraine Hanlon on

99% of your belongings can be packed away safe and sound in their appropriate room-designated boxes. However, moving days can be long so it’s always a good idea to have an ‘essentials box’ full of items that you can unpack in minutes that will make moving day that much easier.

After lugging items from old house to van to new house, the last thing you want to do is sift through everything looking for 5 or 6 items. Keep a box or bag aside with some essentials.

Kettle, Tea & Coffee

A hot beverage at night is the perfect way to relax during or after a big moving day. Keeping these essentials separate means you can either relax once you arrive or get an extra caffeine boost to get you through the unpacking.

Soap & Toilet Roll

One thing that might not wait until you’ve fully unpacked is human nature. Keep some soap and extra toilet roll aside to put in the bathroom so even if you want to unpack the rest, you don’t have to sift through the bathroom box before nipping away for a pit-stop.

Pet Food

If you’re moving with a pet, they could be hungry or dehydrated. Keep your pet’s food and bowls in your essentials box and set them up in your kitchen. This means your furry friend can help themselves whenever they like and not interrupt your unpacking.

Plastic Plates & Cutlery

It’s not just your pets that need to eat. If you get to your new house at night, you might just want to order a pizza. But if you have something saved for moving day, there’s no need to unpack and wash plates, glasses and cutlery. Keep some plastic plates and cutlery handy and then recycle them afterwards so you don’t have to spend time tidying up and cleaning dishes.

Cleaning Spray

You never know when something is going to need a quick wipe down. Keep some cleaning spray handy incase you need to prepare food on the kitchen counter or place something on a dusty table. Hopefully the previous homeowner has cleaned the house for your arrival, but if not, some Dettol spray is a great thing to have to hand.

Pyjamas & Bed Linen

Moving in when it’s dark is never as enjoyable, but it doesn’t mean you have to get everything unpacked before you fall asleep. Keep some pyjamas and bed linen in an easily accessible place so you can make your bed and fall asleep not long after arriving. This means you’ll be ready to start fresh in the morning with a whole day ahead of you to get everything done.

Towel, Shower Gel and Toothbrush

Moving all day is hard work and you might have worked up a sweat after lugging furniture into different rooms. If you’ve moved all the heavy items in and fancy calling it a day, having some shower gel and a toothbrush nearby gives you all the bathroom and shower essentials you need to refresh and get into bed ahead of unpacking everything else the next day.

Phone Charger

Keep a phone charger handy so you can plug in your phone in case you need to phone anyone for assistance. Maybe you just want to relax on the couch for a bit before beginning the herculean task that is unpacking. Always have a phone charger handy. You might want to phone your relatives for help, maybe a delivery van is trying to contact you regarding a new item of furniture that requires attention.

Keep the above items in a separate box or bag so you can get the essentials in and set up quickly. Not all unpacking needs to be done on the day, especially if you arrive at night. Sometimes it’s okay to have a cup of tea, head to bed and start fresh the next morning. Alternatively, if you're short for time, we offer a full or part packing and unpacking service to help you get moved in as quickly as possible.

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