How to Label Moving Boxes

How to Label Moving Boxes

How to Label Moving Boxes

Written by Lorraine Hanlon on

When moving house, it can be easy to simply slap “Kitchen” or “Bedroom” on the outside of your boxes and leave it at that. But everyone knows moving house is never simple. You can make your entire packing, moving and unpacking process much easier by being even just a little bit more specific with your box labels. Maybe not everything fits and you have to combine items from more than one room into one box. Label accurately and you’ll know what’s in a box before evening cutting the packing tape.

1. Label The Side And Top

You might think labelling just one side of the box is enough, but when boxes are stacked up in the back of a van or truck in different orientations, the titles can get lost in the mix. There might be boxes you want to unpack first or even last. Labelling more than one side of the box ensures that no matter where they are in the van, you can pick it out of a line up no problem.

2. Highlight Boxes With Fragile Items

There’s nothing worse than treating a bathroom box like it just has shower gel and toiletries in it and then hearing a smash as the undiscovered mirror inside has been cracked. It’s never a bad idea to highlight boxes with fragile items. These could include a dish, mirror, family photo or ornament. Label fragile boxes as soon as the fragile item goes in so you don’t forget.

3. Label An Essentials Box

Also sometimes called a “first night box”, this includes all the essentials you need to spend the first night in your house without having to unpack everything. Your essentials box could include toiletries, bed linen, chargers and TV power cables. This means you can wind down at night and get a good night's sleep before starting on the rest of the house in the morning.

4. Colour Code Or Label By Person

If you have more than one child sharing a bedroom, or even if you’re moving in with a partner, it can be useful to colour code or label boxes by person. This allows you to know whose box is whose from the outside when moving belongings into a shared bedroom.

5. Label Boxes Once They Have Been Packed

You never know when a rogue item has to be put into a box with extra space or if someone else has put something in the wrong box without realising. Instead of labelling a box and then filling it with items, put the items in first and then label the box accordingly so you can identify any outliers.

You can never go wrong by adding in a little more detail to your box labels. Not only can it help you identify the needle in the haystack (the right box in the back of a full van) but it can help you to remember any miscellaneous items that had to be moved around for space. Use our tips to increase your packing and unpacking efficiency.

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