Which Rooms to Pack First When Moving House

Which Rooms to Pack First When Moving House

Which Rooms to Pack First When Moving House

Written by Lorraine Hanlon on

Which rooms should you pack first when moving house? Packing up your rooms in the right order will help you avoid spending time packing and unpacking items that you might need before you leave. Read on for our top tips.

With a new home in sight, it can be instinctive to simply pack everything up into boxes as quickly as possible. This is, of course, understandable as moving house can be a long and stressful process, however, there are certainly benefits of having an order in which you pack up rooms in your house. Packing up your rooms in the right order will avoid you from spending time packing and unpacking items that you might need before you leave. Pack up rooms in your home in this order to avoid wasting time unnecessarily.

Rooms To Pack In Your Home

  1. Spare bedrooms
  2. Garage & Attic
  3. Dining Room
  4. Toy Rooms
  5. Kitchen
  6. Living Rooms
  7. Bathrooms
  8. Main Bedrooms
Spare Bedrooms

It’s unlikely that you’ll have guests staying over at your house while getting ready to move, meaning you should pack up these unused, spare rooms first. The beds, linen and smaller items in these rooms will not need to be used and can be packed up early.

Clearing out these rooms will also give you a dedicated area within your home to store boxes from other rooms.

Garage & Attic

The beauty of these areas is that most items within them might already be packed into boxes. Similar to the spare bedrooms, it’s unlikely that you will be using any items usually found in an attic or garage any time before your move. The garage might also be a useful space to keep boxes that are already packed.

The garage and attic can sometimes be the hardest areas to pack as there are so many random items like gardening tools and bike helmets that are of different shapes and sizes and therefore cannot be packed as easily.

Dining Room

While a dining room shouldn’t be the first room to be packed away, it can come fairly early in the process. You can eat dinner at a table in your kitchen or even on the sofa for a few nights to tick another large room off your list.

Toy Rooms

Have a room full of toys or old books? This sounds like a room that can be packed up early. If you have small children it’s worth keeping a few toys aside to keep them busy while you pack up the other rooms, but chances are a lot of games can be boxed up.


When moving house, there are plenty of quick meals you can make that don’t require a lot of dishes to make. As long as you keep enough out the box to use at night and keep on top of the washing up after each meal, you’ll probably be able to pack up a lot of your food and dishes.

Living Rooms

Most items in your living room can be packed up ahead of time. Whether this is spare books, plants, lamps etc., the chances are you won’t necessarily need all of these items every day. Figure out the essentials such as a couch and TV for late-night entertainment and pack up the rest.


Similarly to the kitchen, as long as you keep the essentials in the bathroom, you can probably pack up a lot of soaps and shower gels that may be kept in cupboards. All you need is enough to last you a day or two.

Main Bedrooms

You will still need a place to sleep right up until the day of your move. By all means, pack your clothes and other cupboard contents away but this is the room within your house that you will be using right up until you leave. You may have a dressing table or en suite bathroom that you can clear out.

Beds are also one of the most difficult things to move given their size so this lets you get the majority of work done before the final heavy lifting begins.

When moving house it can be hard to know where to start with so many rooms holding so many items. Use this guide to clear out spare rooms first and essential rooms last so you don’t need to keep unpacking things when you need them.

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