How to Pack Your Home Office for Moving House

How to Pack Your Home Office for Moving House

How to Pack Your Home Office for Moving House

Written by Lorraine Hanlon on

Moving a home office from one house to another includes moving screens, laptops, important files and awkward office furniture. While this may seem daunting, as long as you go about it in an organised way and give everything the attention and organisation it needs, you shouldn’t run into any issues.

1) Use Strong Packing Materials

Moving a home office means that you’ll likely have a lot of delicate items such as screens, laptops, hard drives, computers and more. It’s essential that these are wrapped properly to ensure they are not damaged during transit.

You can never have too many layers of bubble wrap. Wrap up your screen and any other delicate electronic items with enough layers so they can withstand the travel.

2) Get Rid Of Office Clutter

You’ve likely accumulated a lot of files or printed out a lot of documents which are now held in copious folders and drawers. Are there any you don’t need? Do you have digital copies on your laptop you can use and recycle the paper copy?

There are likely some documents or folders that can be drastically reduced or even destroyed. Do an audit when you have time to reduce the amount of boxes that will be full of files and folders.

3) Label Files And Folders

Once you’ve consolidated all your files and have everything you need, label your boxes or folders in some way so they are easy to identify when you unpack into your new office. Maybe your new office is smaller so you need to keep everything in one place. Having clear labels allows you to quickly unpack into your new office.

4) Lock Your Drawers

This is not to keep your documents secret from any helpers, but more so that your drawers of files don’t fly open when carrying them down to your car or a van. At Hanlon, we’ll always make sure things are secure before transporting them but it’s always worth double checking beforehand.

5) Be Clear About Confidential Documents

At Hanlon, we always respect your privacy and take great care when transporting important documents. That being said, highlighting these to us and anyone else that is helping you move house is always a good idea so that none of your private information is compromised.

6) Organise Wires And Cables

Your office is likely to include numerous wires and cables to power and connect your laptop, screen, and other accessories such as a keyboard and mouse. Organise these together so you know what cable goes where. Use labels and cable ties so you can unpack and connect everything in no time.

7) Back Up Your Data

Lots of large technical objects means large amounts of data. Especially if you have external hard drives or a larger computer base. Even if you are sure that you have wrapped everything in 10 layers of bubble wrap, you can’t go wrong with backing up the data again and again.

8) Disassemble Office Furniture If Possible

Office furniture is easy to pack into one of our removal vans. Even if you have a large car, one of the best ways to save space is to disassemble office furniture. This is handy especially with large awkwardly shaped items of furniture such as office chairs, small bookcases etc.

Not all furniture is easy to disassemble, but if you have any, let us know and we can help you save as much space as possible.

With so many important elements to a home office, it’s imperative that you give everything the right amount of care and attention to avoid losing data or having to replace expensive belongings. At Hanlon Bros we take the utmost care when transporting your valuable items and always respect your privacy when it comes to any confidential information.

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